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What is Temazepam?

Temazepam is a type of medicine called a benzodiazepine and it is used to relieve anxiety and as a sleeping tablet to promote sleep. In clinical studies, it has been shown to significantly reduce the number of awakenings during the night. It has also been shown to decrease the time it takes for one to fall asleep while increasing total sleep duration. These sleeping pills should help you sleep without leaving you feeling drowsy the following day.

The Consequences of Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition that affects up to 35% of adults at some stage in their lives. This sleep disorder is associated with considerable drawbacks that can reduce the quality of a person's life. The following psychological health side effects are common among patients with insomnia:

  • Reduced ability to focus properly
  • Memory impairment
  • Mood disturbances and irritability
  • Low energy levels and loss of motivation

Research has found that people who suffer with sleeping difficulties are at a considerable risk for other psychiatric conditions like depression. In addition to the psychological effects, insomnia can also lead to the following physical side effects:

  • A lower pain threshold
  • Reduced immune system function
  • Unhealthy changes in weight
  • Increased chance of developing diabetes

Temazepam 20 mg tablets can, however, be used to treat insomnia and help you get the sleep relief you need. This medication is typically effective on the first night of use and it should help you sleep throughout the night. This will give you an opportunity to work on the issues that are causing sleeping difficulties, while striving to achieve restful sleep and a consistent sleep schedule.

Are All Types of Insomnia the Same?

Insomnia can affect people in different ways and distinguishing the different types can be useful in diagnosing your condition. This sleep disorder can be described according to the following categories:

  • Acute insomnia
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Sleep onset insomnia
  • Sleep maintenance insomnia

Also known as adjustment insomnia, acute insomnia involves short-term sleeping difficulties. A brief period of insomnia is often the result of a significant life event such as marriage, a job change or moving to a new home. It involves sleeping difficulties that last less than 3 months. You can buy temazepam 20 mg tablets and take this medication as needed to treat acute insomnia.

Although the majority of adults have suffered from sleeping difficulties at some stage in their lives, for many it can become a chronic, or long-term condition. Chronic insomnia can develop as a result of the anxiety associated with acute insomnia.

Chronic insomnia is defined as difficulty sleeping for 3 or more nights per week, and for 3 months or longer. Approximately 10% of adults are affected by chronic insomnia and it can take a toll on health and reduce a person's overall well-being. Many healthcare experts recommend that patients adhere to a temazepam dosage that consists of using this medication intermittently (2-3 nights a week) for chronic insomnia.

Sleep onset insomnia involves difficulty transitioning from a state of wakefulness to the initial stages of sleep. This type of insomnia typically involves a delay in falling asleep that lasts longer than half an hour. As a result, total sleep time is generally reduced and this often leads to daytime fatigue. Temazepam 20 mg is capable of inducing sedation, muscle relaxation and anti-anxiety effects. The most suitable temazepam dosage usually makes it easy for a person with sleep onset insomnia to fall sleep.

Sleep maintenance insomnia is a common condition that affects up to 40% of adults. It is characterised by frequent awakenings during the night with difficulty getting back to sleep. Also known as middle-of-the-night insomnia, sleep maintenance insomnia often causes sufferers to experience fatigue during the day.

In fact, fragmented sleep associated with this condition tends to significantly increase the likelihood of excessive daytime sleepiness. Sleep maintenance insomnia may also involve waking too early in the morning so this condition tends to reduce total sleep time. In clinical studies, temazepam 20 mg doses have been shown to significantly reduce nighttime awakenings with little or no temazepam side effects or next-day residual effects.

What Causes Sleeping Difficulties?

Sleeplessness is believed to be the result of a state of hyperarousal that can have a negative effect on sleep onset and sleep maintenance. Hyperarousal can be the result of physical, environmental and psychological factors which may include the following:

  • Health conditions - issues that cause pain like arthritis, fibromyalgia and nerve pain can make it difficult to achieve restorative sleep.
  • Substances that negatively affect sleep - consuming alcohol, caffeine or nicotine near bedtime can have a negative impact on sleep.
  • Psychiatric health conditions - stress and anxiety often cause insomnia. Anxiety disorders like generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and panic disorder can lead to excessive fear or worry that can result in patterns of poor sleep.

The Relationship between Anxiety and Insomnia

For many people, falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night is often difficult, leading to a frustrating and unhealthy routine. Anxiety can cause your brain to go into a "fight or flight" mode which can negatively affect your body's ability to enter the initial stages of sleep.

Feeling overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities can make it difficult, or virtually impossible to achieve restorative sleep. Anxiety often causes insomnia and the two conditions can exacerbate each other, leading to a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

An inability to sleep, whether it involves trouble initiating sleep or waking up frequently during the night, is intensely distressing. However, the actual feeling of severe anxiety that occurs with insomnia can lead to unpleasant anxiety attacks during the night. If anxiety is having a negative impact on your overall sleep, you can buy temazepam 20 mg tablets to effectively relieve stress and achieve restorative sleep.

What is Temazepam Used For?

This medication is effective for relieving severe and disabling insomnia that may cause a considerable amount of distress. When you buy temazepam online you will have an effective treatment for insomnia which is the most common sleep complaint. It involves both sleep disturbances and daytime symptoms such as depression and lower levels of energy during the day. The effects of sleep deprivation can impact almost every aspect of one's life - however, when used as recommended, this medication can help restore healthy sleep.

Temazepam tablets can also be used as a premedication before a minor surgical or investigative procedure, especially when hospital admission is not necessary. An investigative procedure such as an endoscopic examination can cause a significant increase in anxiety and discomfort for a patient. This medication can be taken before the procedure to prevent panic and anxiety.

Clinical Findings on Temazepam Tablets

clinical study published in the National Library of Medicine took place to assess the effectiveness of Restoril in the treatment of sleeping difficulties. In total, 804 patients with sleep disorders were involved in the study and they received 10 to 30mg temazepam to take every night for one week.

You can buy temazepam from accredited online pharmacies and have the same treatment the participants received in this study. A self-administered questionnaire was used in the research to determine how patients responded to the medication and how it affected their quantity and quality of sleep. The following results were revealed:

  • The patients fell asleep rapidly so sleep onset insomnia was effectively treated
  • The majority of patients enjoyed restful sleep with few interruptions
  • The patients woke up feeling well-rested and refreshed after restorative sleep

In general, this medication was well tolerated and patients experienced a low incidence of temazepam side effects or residual effects.

Temazepam Tablets and Healthy Sleep Hygiene

You can buy temazepam for relief from sleepless nights and practise healthy sleep hygiene habits to achieve best long-term results in the treatment of insomnia. The following are tips for improving sleep:

  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, even on weekends.
  • Ensure that your bedroom is quiet and dark, with a comfortable temperature. The best room temperature for sleep is about 18 degrees Celsius (approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Get some exercise as physical activity during the day can make it easier to fall asleep at night.
  • Avoid consuming large meals, caffeine or alcohol near bedtime as this can interfere with sleep.

Comparing Temazepam to Restoril

Temazepam is the main ingredient in Restoril and the generic version of this popular sleeping medication. Due to an expired pharmaceutical patent, manufacturers other than the original innovator are allowed to produce and sell temazepam. Stringent regulations that control the generic industry require generic temazepam to be bioequivalent to Restoril and have the exact same active ingredient.

Consequently, the generic has the identical temazepam dosage, safety, quality and temazepam side effects as the branded version. The main differences between Restoril and generic temazepam are the name and price. The original manufacturer of a medication usually gives their product a brand name. A generic medication, on the other hand, is typically named after the active ingredient so the name of the generic is simply temazepam.

Generic medications cost the consumer approximately 80 to 85% less than brand-name medications. It is important to note that the lower price does not mean generics are inferior. Generic manufacturers are able to sell their products at a lower, more competitive price because they are not required to repeat expensive clinical trials. The original manufacturer has already demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the medication in clinical studies.

Generic manufacturers usually do not invest large sums of money in advertising so they can afford to sell their products at a lower price. In addition, competition among generic manufacturers in the market place typically keeps the price affordable for patients.

Temazepam Side Effects

Like most medications, temazepam 20 mg tablets have potential side effects although they are generally rare. Side effects that are relatively more common at the start of therapy could include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Reduced alertness
  • Muscle weakness

Other side effects may include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Upset stomach
  • Restlessness

Let your medical advisor know if you experience any unusual side effects.

How to Use Temazepam Safely

  • To reduce the risk of memory issues, set aside 7 to 8 hours of time for uninterrupted sleep after taking this medication.
  • Avoid alcohol if you order Restoril online as the combination may lead to unwanted side effects.
  • Do not drive a vehicle until you know how this medication affects you.
  • Long term use of this medication is not recommended.

How Does Temazepam Work?

This medication works by increasing a chemical messenger that occurs naturally in the brain called GABA. GABA is a tranquilising neurotransmitter that inhibits overexcitement of nerve signals in the brain and central nervous system (CNS). As a result, this medication reduces anxiety and increases sleep time.

Temazepam Dosage Guide

  • When you buy temazepam online and use it for insomnia, take 10 - 20 mg before going to bed.
  • If you use it as a preoperative sedative, take +/- 20 - 40 mg half an hour before the surgery.
  • For elderly people, take half the adult dose.
  • A lower dosage is recommended for patients with breathing difficulties.

Guide to Temazepam for Sale

  • When ordering temazepam, patients should be aware that certain other medicines may interact with this medication. These include sodium oxybate, fluvoxamine, ketoconazole, itraconazole, nefazodone and certain vitamins, minerals and herbal products. Let your physician or e-pharmacist know if you are taking any medicines, so that you may be aware of potential interactions.
  • Do not buy Restoril online if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Use this medication with caution if you suffer from depression, have a history of drug or alcohol abuse or if you have suffered a significant loss as this medication may affect the way you react to this.

Buy Temazepam Without a Prescription

Prevent the unwanted consequences of sleep deprivation such as irritability and depression and order temazepam online at our website. The use of this medication has been shown to safely and effectively treat the relentless symptoms of insomnia. Simply place an order online and we will deliver the medication directly to your door. You do not need a prescription and delivery is fast and discreet. Our customer support team will be glad to assist you if you have any questions and they are available day and night.


1. Is Temazepam 20 Mg An Anti-Depressant?

No. Temazepam is a sedative that is used to treat insomnia. It is also used as a 'pre-medication' before a minor surgery or investigative procedure.

2. Is Temazepam A Barbiturate?

No. Temazepam belongs to the benzodiazepine class of medications.

3. Can Temazepam Tablets Cause Acid Reflux?

A potential side effect of temazepam is acid reflux.

4. Are There Long Term Effects?

If this medication is used for a long period of time, withdrawal symptoms may occur if treatment is discontinued suddenly.

5. Can This Medication Cause Memory Loss?

Memory loss may be experienced several hours after taking this medication. To reduce the risk of this, allow yourself to have 7 - 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep after taking the medication.

6. Can I Take Temazepam 20 Mg Tablets For Anxiety?

Yes. Temazepam is a benzodiazepine medication that is used to treat anxiety.

1. Is temazepam 20 mg an anti-depressant?

No. Temazepam is a sedative that is used to treat insomnia. It is also used as a 'pre-medication' before a minor surgery or investigative procedure.

2. Is temazepam a barbiturate?

No. Temazepam belongs to the benzodiazepine class of medications.

3. Can temazepam tablets cause acid reflux?

A potential side effect of temazepam is acid reflux.

4. Are there long term effects?

If this medication is used for a long period of time, withdrawal symptoms may occur if treatment is discontinued suddenly.

5. Can this medication cause memory loss?

Memory loss may be experienced several hours after taking this medication. To reduce the risk of this, allow yourself to have 7 - 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep after taking the medication.

6. Can I take temazepam 20 mg tablets for anxiety?

Yes. Temazepam is a benzodiazepine medication that is used to treat anxiety.

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