Receive Extra Free Pills & Free Delivery with Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin today by using your MasterCard or VISA and receive extra free pills and free delivery with your purchase.

  • Order 30 pills to receive free delivery!
  • Order 60 pills to receive 10 extra free pills and free delivery!
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What Is BTC (Bitcoin)?

BTC is basically a newer form of digital currency you can use to make secure payments online faster and easier.

To buy bitcoin, all you have to do is set up and online account. Setting up your own account is quick and all that is required is a current form of ID, valid email account and a laptop, computer or smartphone.

To make sure you benefit and receive extra free pills and free delivery, follow the three simple steps below.

The Buying Process

  • Visit coinbase when you have your valid ID ready (driving license/passport) and create a bitcoin account in just a few minutes.
  • Follow the verification prompt to confirm your photo ID where you can then go ahead and add a MasterCard of VISA to your crypto account and buy Bitcoin.
  • Add Bitcoin to your new crypto wallet by converting an amount in a currency of choice from your VISA or MasterCard into Bitcoin.

Pay with Bitcoin

To make a purchase with Bitcoin, all you have to do is place an order as your normally would and once you are at the checkout, select Bitcoin as your method of payment. Rather than us sending an email with bank details, we send a different type of email bearing a unique Bitcoin wallet address to use to complete your purchase.

More Benefits When Using Bitcoin

Aside from the benefits of receiving extra free pills and free Delivery, transactions made with Bitcoin are instantaneous which allows us to process the transaction and confirm payment much faster than transfers made through your bank.

Another useful perk we handle all Bitcoin payments directly so that the only information your bank knows is that you purchased Bitcoin and the medication you ordered remains completely confidential.

Helpful Video Tutorials

Fortunately, anyone with internet access can watch any of the hundreds of videos indicating how to complete setting up an account and the verification procedure. We have also found various video tutorials that explain how to send Bitcoin from your crypto wallet to a business or a friend.

Click the links below to see the videos that are helpful and simple to follow.

Need Further Assistance?

We encouraged you to contact our customer service team at any time via live chat or email if you have any questions about the purchasing process.