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Pain is the bodies way of telling us something is wrong. Mild pain is relatively easy to manage, by staying well hydrated, getting plenty of rest and taking an over the counter medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen most people can overcome the symptoms. Moderate to severe pain is more difficult to treat and when the pain goes untreated, the effects can turn chronic and significantly impact patients physical, psychological and emotional health. Getting proper pain relief is crucial, and the availability of prescription-free painkillers online makes getting appropriate relief possible for more people than ever before.

You may be wondering what generic medications are or maybe how they differ from the branded medications we have all come to know and love. Generic versions of brand name medications become available after the patent for the original medication expires. Generic medications are required by law to replicate brand-name medication in terms of safety, strength, stability, dosage, effectiveness and quality. At our online pharmacy we stock high quality generic medications like Co-codamol that can be purchased in complete confidence.

Are you tired of pain lingering for longer than necessary? Does the prospect of agonising appointments put you off getting treatment? Perhaps you find the high costs and limited access to decent pain relief unattainable? For whatever reason, look no further. Read along as we give you a complete introduction to co-codamol and how to go about buying it online.

What is Co-codamol

Co-codamol, also known as codeine/acetaminophen, is a generic brand treatment licensed to relieve mild to moderate pain. This pain reliever combines two effective, well-recognised active ingredients, codeine phosphate and acetaminophen (paracetamol). This medication is a genuine copy of popular brand medications, including Zapain. Both medicines are approved to reduce pain, inflammation, persistent coughing and other mild to moderate pain.

The generic medication industry has paved a better, more innovative and more efficient way of treating pain. This potent medication offers the same effective results and safety profiles as prescription-based market brand medications sold at the local pharmacy. The significant differences between well-known patented treatments like co-codamol are cheaper than OTC versions, are prescription free and available without a prescription. More people suffering from unwanted pain are getting high-quality pain relief like co-codamol online without the extra pain and hassle of traditional shopping.

How Does Co-codamol Work?

Co-codamol acts in two ways to relieve pain and reduce the effects of fever and flu. The two active ingredients work in the brain and central nervous system to block pain receptors and limit the action of the chemicals responsible for inflammation, fever and mild to moderate pain. To get a better idea of how this medication works, here is a breakdown of each ingredient.

Let us start with codeine-phosphate. This potent ingredient is part of the opioid analgesic drug class and works by binding to opioid-specific receptors known as mu receptors. The actions of these receptors are responsible for delivering pain signals that communicate between the central nervous system and cells in the brain. The activity and effects of this potent ingredient soothe persistent pain consistently between doses.

Paracetamol functions slightly differently to target pain. When a person is feeling pain from the flu, including aching muscles, high fever or sore throat, this active ingredient minimises the production of prostaglandins, the hormones that insight inflammation and influence set pain from symptoms. When the power and effectiveness of both of these approved medications come together, most people suffering mild to severe pain can stamp out unwanted pain and manage pain with safety, ease and comfort.

What is Co-codamol Used for?

Co-codamol is primarily used to minimise mild to severe pain caused by underlying conditions related to serious injuries and procedure pain after surgery. Although this compound medication does not relieve the cause of pain, the combined ingredients work in two ways to minimise the painful feeling associated with the initial reason. Co-codamol is often used by people suffering pains and strains onset by headaches, migraines and muscle strains to more severe pain incurred after an operation, serious injury or untreated symptoms.

If people lose precious sleep because of unbearable pain and symptoms, it starts affecting a patients overall health and quality of life, using co-codamol to ease the pain. Now that people have a better way of dealing with various pain thanks to co-codamol, more people are looking forward to taking on each day without the hassles of pain and suffering. No matter what type of pain you are suffering, treating the underlying condition and reducing the pain that comes with these health conditions make getting on with the day without pain and distress much more effortless.

Co-codamol Side Effects

Medications work differently for people, and the chance of side effects occurring depends on the individual. There are side effects associated with co-codamol, and although they can happen, all side effects are minor and rarely occur when users take each dose according to the dosage and usage guide. The following list of side effects is easily preventable, and ways to maximise the relieving results and avoid side effects is to drink fluids and take the tablet with food.

The minor side effects associated with co-codamol include, but are not limited to:

  • Mild abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth

The likelihood of side effects occurring is extremely rare when consuming each dose as directed. If patients using co-codamol experience adverse side effects, do not continue using the medication. If severe symptoms persist, seek medical attention immediately. More details regarding the safe use and a complete list of side effects associated with Co-Codamol are on the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) on our website.

Co-codamol Dosage Instructions

Co-codamol is offered in three dosage strengths that cater to different levels of pain ranging from acute to severe. The recommended adult dose of co-codamol used to moderate to severe pain is 30mg/500mg. This translates to 30mg of codeine and 500 mg of paracetamol, which both treat pain uniquely. Users should only use this medication as required and take it once every 4 - 6 hours for consistent and effective relief. Experts recommended taking the dose with a glass of water and food to prevent nausea after consumption.

Using these compound medications makes it possible for more people to be active in treating moderate to severe pain without a hitch. We understand that all pain types stem from various underlying causes, from bumps and burns to severe injury and treatment to manage pain after surgery. Although this medication and dosage are suitable for most, some people may find this medication to be weak or too strong. This pain reliever comes in three doses that contain 500mg of paracetamol and either 8mg, 15mg or this 30mg of codeine in each tablet. Co-codamol is widely used by more people looking for an effective, potent and safe treatment to increase pain tolerance.

Use Co-codamol Safely

As with all medication, people taking co-codamol according to the dosage and usage guide will experience intense and effective pain relief safely and efficiently. This medication is unique in that each tablet works in two ways to aid pain management and reduce flu-like symptoms, including fever, severe coughing and sleeping difficulties caused by lingering pain. The safety of this medication is confirmed according to results from the generic drugs program that ensure that both active ingredients identically match the patented version that offers incredible relief.

Co-codamol is safe to use as a short-term pain management solution most people can take to reduce the sensation of pain caused by underlying causes. As an opioid analgesic, users must note that the properties of codeine can cause people to develop a dependence on the medication and addictions. To prevent this from happening, anyone taking these pain killers must not exceed the maximum dose within 24 hours as it can cause adverse side effects associated with overdosing.

People suffering from pre-existing kidney or liver disease should speak to a medical professional before using co-codamol. This medication is not suitable for people allergic to codeine or paracetamol. Medical professional recommends patients consume this medication with food to prevent the risk of nausea and stomach problems. The overall safety of this two in one pain medication is safe for the majority of people experiencing mild to moderate discomfort and pain.

Benefits of Co-codamol

Anyone suffering from pain knows how much it can affect how they go about their day and how it can negatively affect mood, overall health, and wellbeing. Taking a course of co-codamol allows people to benefit in many ways. Improving pain tolerance helps patients regain happiness and health functions and look forward to living without the fear of consistent pain, anxiety and sleeplessness caused by stress and injury.

Using this medication to tackle unwanted pain gives people a step ahead of pain and all the other mental and physical issues that come with general pain and discomfort. When any pain is making every day a challenge, it often affects your sleeping patterns and overall quality of life. Using co-codamol can help directly and indirectly.

People suffering the physical, mental and emotional effects of mild to severe pain can suppress the sense of pain caused by the underlying conditions to restore a natural sleeping pattern, improve their mood and reduce anxiety and stress commonly associated with pain. Getting ahead of the pain with co-codamol gives people the chance to combat the underlying causes of pain and focus on leading a much stronger, healthier, and happier life pain and carefree every day.

Before You Buy Co-codamol

On our website, we like to ensure all of our clients are well informed and have a better idea of the treatments and medications available. When you look at the price between generic medications and the market brands sold at the high street chemist, the price difference alone piques the interest of more people every day. Ordering painkillers online offers the right solution in an easier way for more people suffering various types of pain.

The birth of generic medications like co-codamol and online pharmacies has created noticeable changes in how people get effective pain relievers. These genuine copies offer great support against mild to chronic types of pain, just like the branded medications they are replicating. The FDA seal of approval means that medicines like co-codamol safely provide relief and help users manage pain efficiently.

Because generic medications are certified, and safety approved, they are available online prescription free. We understand that pain can make even simple tasks challenging, and the proper treatment is essential. Genuine online pharmacies like ours provide high-quality medications, including co-codamol, that maintain the same standards as patented versions. They are considerably cheaper and all accessible online 24/7 in complete privacy.

Buy Co-codamol Today

Now that we have answered all the essential questions about Co-codamol, you only need to follow the easy step-by-step guide to place your order. On the main page of our site, choose the medication you want and the number of affordable pills you want, remembering that generics are cheaper, so the option of bulk buying saves you more. Keep selecting other medications you want or finish your order by clicking submit.

Enter all required contact information so we know who and where the medication is headed, including a current phone number, delivery address and email. Make a payment using one of our secure payment methods, including Bitcoin, VISA, MasterCard and Bank transfers. When your transaction is confirmed, you get an email verifying your payment, estimated delivery date and the subtle descriptor name on your statement.

Our team pack all parcels within 24 hours after confirmation and is marked with indistinct labels. Our swift courier service then handles packages and delivers orders within 2 - 7 days. For all enquiries regarding orders or more information, our friendly customer service agents are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Living a life of pain and discomfort can be but a distant memory. Place your order of co-codamol today from our secure website.

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