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Since graduating with a Masters in English Language and Literature from Oxford University, Steven has continued to follow his passion for writing, learning and traveling. By working as a content writer in a number of leading industries including the Travel and Leisure industry Steve not only gained the experience required he was also able to connect with people from all walks of life.


Fueled with a passion to try and help people less fortunate than himself Steve immersed himself in the medical industry. By researching new and innovative medical advancements and regularly sharing important information on social media Steve intends to make a difference where it matters most, people's health. His wealth of knowledge and keen eye for detail will help keep our readers informed and contribute towards improved health.

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Between writing and preparing for his next blog for Steve has his hands full with his new rescue dog Leo! He also enjoys cooking and trying to recreate the dishes he tasted from his travels, admittedly though, they don't always taste the same!


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Updated: 14th January 2021